Fight Fit Wellington offers one-on-one and small group training in a privately owned training facility. It is not a gym... it is an appointment-based personal training and performance center where you can train to reach your goals and learn how to get to the next level in your fitness journey while building:


Build up your self-confidence with boxing and kickboxing while getting into amazing shape.


Build a new practical skill that is fun to learn but also effective for self defense.


Build yourself by getting out of your comfort zone and digging deeper than you ever thought you could.
Private and semi-private sessions of 30 minutes or an hour allow you to build a program of your own or get into a new program with a couple of friends who will help push you to achieve your own individual goals even while being in the same session as them! Packages are set to help motivate you to commit to a program and hold yourself accountable with set days and time, an accountability agreement, and a customized program to take home so you can also work in your own strength training sessions throughout the week if you choose. I suggest three supervised training session per week at a minimum in order to really get to the results you are trying to achieve.